When Life Gives you Coco Puffs… Enjoying the chocolate milk!

I have 4 beautiful, healthy babies.  Somedays (like today) I get so caught up in the overwhelming chaos that is life.  I forget my mission is to take care of my children.  To guide them in His light.  To nurture their spirit.

Somedays (like today) I get so caught up in my worries – I miss out on a day in the sunshine.  On tickles and giggles.  On dolls and legos and books.

Somedays (like today) I see a mountain of laundry and feel resentment for the lack of help I have in the folding department.  Or when someone asked what’s for supper and I don’t have an answer I feel more like a short cook than a well loved matriarch.

Somedays (like today) I look at myself in the mirror and see a frumpy, unkempt slob who needs to loose 30 lbs.

These are the days where (literally) beet red V8 juice gets spilled on the carpet as we’re walking out the door.  When the entire box of cereal gets tipped over where – conveniently – the dogs are standing and are quickly able to gobble it up.  The days where life gives you a mess of Coco Puffs….

There are many blogs I LOVE.  Many who gave me the advise that dug me out of a huge hole.  But I still have days where I need to turn to that advise instead of wallowing in self pity. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a long time, but couldn’t figure out what I had to say that was worth listening to!  (I always have lots to say)

This morning I read this blog post by 

He likes to nudge us doesn’t he.  

I was thinking about a parent blog.  That is my current mission.  That is what I currently ready, worry and work on – raising my children to be kind, caring Christians.  “Raising Them His” I thought, “I’m sure that’s taken.” “Raising Them Neis!!!”

I was so excited.  You see, we pronounce our last name ‘nice’. So you get the play on words – Oh, isn’t He clever!

So here I am – excited to encourage and support parents.  So that no parent has to regret that they didn’t give their best to their kids.  No ones perfect.  We can’t give our kids the perfect parent.  But with a loving support system, we can give them the parent they need.


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