I dream of sleep… or at least a peaceful bedtime.

We were really young when we had our first two.  Bedtime was at 8 o’clock.  No exceptions.

When our son was 5 we were gifted with a sweet, quiet, patient, non sleeper.  She rarely napped and when she did it was quick.  She wouldn’t go to bed until I did and I had to rock her.  She never slept through the night.

2 years later baby number four blesses our lives.  At which point we have exhaustedly tried to get our now very strong willed two year old to fall asleep at a reasonable time, in a calm, reasonable manner – with no success.

As we encroach upon birthday season, our almost 3 year olds habits are wearing on us even more now that our almost 1 year old has decided to join in on the rebellion.

I have grown and changed, adapted if you will, a lot in my 10 years as a mom. I am about to blow.  This summer – bedtime is regularly around 10pm. A time I barely make it to on my best days, let alone sitting up rocking babies.  Littlest is screaming to be rocked while the Queen is asking ever so politely for me to take him to bed so I can rock her.

Last night – I couldn’t handle it.  The Queen was put in bed, crying, as was Littlest.  Daddy came home about 3 minutes later and saved them both.  Hopefully, as we fly through summer, they can learn to relax a tad on their own, without Mom and Dad.  Please!  I know this season of life is short, but i would love a bedtime without tears.


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