Whoa, Sugar!

I’m on day 10 of a Whole30 Challenge (whole30.com). I feel amazing and I noticed immediately how much sugar my children consume.

My Little Man, 7 beautiful years old, is the most moody and sensitive to his food.  I seriously watched hime pack away at least 100g of added sugar per meal.  I tried to encourage healthier choices, but at this point it’s such a habit.

Well, this will be changing!

How do you change up your kids eating habits?  This will be my experiment in the next few months.

My first plan is to have premade parfaits and baked oatmeal muffins available for breakfast.  My Beautiful Eldest daughter has a hard time with breakfast.  She wants cereal or pancakes. Thats it.

Dinner shouldn’t be too hard to overhaul – since I’m doing that for myself right now anyways.  I’ll just have to do it on a larger scale.

Snacks are going to be tricky.  And I think this is going to have to start when school starts.  I’m thinking nuts and veggies.  Having these options as the ONLY options for after school snacks.  Then after they eat a nice BIG supper, they can have ice cream or something.

I’ll keep you posted how our adventure turns out.


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