About Us…. Me…. We!

2015-02-28 17.47.21I am a wife and mom of 4 amazing children.  Alexis is 10, Michael is 7, Eleanor is 3 and Brantley is 1.  Someday’s I’m a much more motivated mom than others… today was a so-so kinda day.

Over the last 10 years I’ve been a teen mom, a full time student/mom, a full time working mom, a part time working mom, a want to be working mom, a want to be home mom and a stay at home mom.  Currently, I stay home with my littles and do my best to become a halfway decent housewife.  I hate cooking and cleaning…

Short story, I’ve been there and am there.  I’m in the trenches and have work through a few battles.  Everyday I have moments of pride, awe, frustration, excitement, sadness, exhaustion, peace, joy & wonder.  As a stay at home mom, my days can be monotonous and uneventful – but they also have so much more true joy than I’ve ever had working.

I am very lucky to have amazing role models to turn to, but I have to find my own path as a mom, and that is tricky.  Balancing housework, personal time, and caring for children has proved to outwit me regularly.  However, my house is clean more often than dirty. My kids are in bed at a reasonable hour but not always with their teeth brushed. I watch way too much TV but we have a DVR so most of my TV watching takes place after the important things rather than in place of.

I have a lot of work to do still, that’s why I’m here.  I know I’m not the only one thinking, “How am I going to get them to brush their teeth!” “Why won’t she sleep all night!”  “Why can’t he hit the toilet bowl?” I’m here to share our stories, our struggles and our joys. Raising them Neis. (we pronounce our name “Nice” – makes more sense now, doesn’t it!)


Whoa, Sugar!

I’m on day 10 of a Whole30 Challenge (whole30.com). I feel amazing and I noticed immediately how much sugar my children consume.

My Little Man, 7 beautiful years old, is the most moody and sensitive to his food.  I seriously watched hime pack away at least 100g of added sugar per meal.  I tried to encourage healthier choices, but at this point it’s such a habit.

Well, this will be changing!

How do you change up your kids eating habits?  This will be my experiment in the next few months.

My first plan is to have premade parfaits and baked oatmeal muffins available for breakfast.  My Beautiful Eldest daughter has a hard time with breakfast.  She wants cereal or pancakes. Thats it.

Dinner shouldn’t be too hard to overhaul – since I’m doing that for myself right now anyways.  I’ll just have to do it on a larger scale.

Snacks are going to be tricky.  And I think this is going to have to start when school starts.  I’m thinking nuts and veggies.  Having these options as the ONLY options for after school snacks.  Then after they eat a nice BIG supper, they can have ice cream or something.

I’ll keep you posted how our adventure turns out.

I dream of sleep… or at least a peaceful bedtime.

We were really young when we had our first two.  Bedtime was at 8 o’clock.  No exceptions.

When our son was 5 we were gifted with a sweet, quiet, patient, non sleeper.  She rarely napped and when she did it was quick.  She wouldn’t go to bed until I did and I had to rock her.  She never slept through the night.

2 years later baby number four blesses our lives.  At which point we have exhaustedly tried to get our now very strong willed two year old to fall asleep at a reasonable time, in a calm, reasonable manner – with no success.

As we encroach upon birthday season, our almost 3 year olds habits are wearing on us even more now that our almost 1 year old has decided to join in on the rebellion.

I have grown and changed, adapted if you will, a lot in my 10 years as a mom. I am about to blow.  This summer – bedtime is regularly around 10pm. A time I barely make it to on my best days, let alone sitting up rocking babies.  Littlest is screaming to be rocked while the Queen is asking ever so politely for me to take him to bed so I can rock her.

Last night – I couldn’t handle it.  The Queen was put in bed, crying, as was Littlest.  Daddy came home about 3 minutes later and saved them both.  Hopefully, as we fly through summer, they can learn to relax a tad on their own, without Mom and Dad.  Please!  I know this season of life is short, but i would love a bedtime without tears.

When Life Gives you Coco Puffs… Enjoying the chocolate milk!

I have 4 beautiful, healthy babies.  Somedays (like today) I get so caught up in the overwhelming chaos that is life.  I forget my mission is to take care of my children.  To guide them in His light.  To nurture their spirit.

Somedays (like today) I get so caught up in my worries – I miss out on a day in the sunshine.  On tickles and giggles.  On dolls and legos and books.

Somedays (like today) I see a mountain of laundry and feel resentment for the lack of help I have in the folding department.  Or when someone asked what’s for supper and I don’t have an answer I feel more like a short cook than a well loved matriarch.

Somedays (like today) I look at myself in the mirror and see a frumpy, unkempt slob who needs to loose 30 lbs.

These are the days where (literally) beet red V8 juice gets spilled on the carpet as we’re walking out the door.  When the entire box of cereal gets tipped over where – conveniently – the dogs are standing and are quickly able to gobble it up.  The days where life gives you a mess of Coco Puffs….

There are many blogs I LOVE.  Many who gave me the advise that dug me out of a huge hole.  But I still have days where I need to turn to that advise instead of wallowing in self pity. I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a long time, but couldn’t figure out what I had to say that was worth listening to!  (I always have lots to say)

This morning I read this blog post by 

He likes to nudge us doesn’t he.  

I was thinking about a parent blog.  That is my current mission.  That is what I currently ready, worry and work on – raising my children to be kind, caring Christians.  “Raising Them His” I thought, “I’m sure that’s taken.” “Raising Them Neis!!!”

I was so excited.  You see, we pronounce our last name ‘nice’. So you get the play on words – Oh, isn’t He clever!

So here I am – excited to encourage and support parents.  So that no parent has to regret that they didn’t give their best to their kids.  No ones perfect.  We can’t give our kids the perfect parent.  But with a loving support system, we can give them the parent they need.

Hello world!

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Happy blogging!